About 1,700 Flats Surrendered To HDB In Last 5 Years, Says MND

Around 1,700 flats were submitted to the Housing and Development Board in the previous 5 years, stated Senior Minister of State for National Development Sim Ann in Parliament on 2 Mar.

Coming from the numbers, approximately one-half were 2 room units, 1 out of 6 were three room units, as well as one-third were four room or larger units, she claimed.

Sim developed the report in response to MP Gan Thiam Poh’s question on the quantity of HDB flats marketed to Housing and Development Board, the issue why the flats were marketed and if HDB would consider providing these flats on its public booking arrangement.

Sim observed that about one thousand of the surrendered flats were on quick leases as well as consists of studio flats, two room Flexi flats acquired on a quick contract along with public housing that proprietors went with LBS.

” Property owners of brief hire public housing who no longer wished to retain their units or that had probably gotten unsuitable to carry out so, are called for to entrust their units to Housing and Development Board. They are not enabled to offer these units on the common market,” she announced.

The other seven hundred flats get submitted largely caused by modifications in the situations of the property owners in their Minimum Occupation Period. Such homeowners were not even enabled to offer their HDB units on the common market as these individuals had not fulfilled their MOP.

Pasir Ris 8 showflat

” Some of the most typical reasons for surrender of public housing happen to be divorce, separation of fiancé-fiancée relationship, as well as dissolve of matrimony,” stated Sim

Housing and Development Board reimburses proprietors of surrendered units furthermore offers for sale these flats through the SBF activities.

“If the flats stand unchosen following the SBF activity, they may subsequently be given in the open booking,” further mentioned Sim.

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